A Dental Checklist for Your Next Visit

It’s time to see the dentist again, are you ready?

Regular visits to the dentist are essential for more than just a dazzling smile, and good dental care is critical to your overall health. Likewise, changes in your overall health can impact your dental health. Conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure, have significant impact on your oral health. Some medications can cause side effects such as dry mouth; while not only uncomfortable, left unchecked, it can increase the risk of cavities and gum disease. Your dentist can help.

These are excellent reasons to keep up with regular dental health visits, even if it may not be your favorite thing to do. At Prosthodontics & Implant Therapy, our dedicated team of dental professionals are dedicated to providing state of the art dental treatments in a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment. We strive to put our patients at ease, knowing they are in the capable hands of our expert dental treatment team.

Whether you are a patient who makes it into the office twice a year for regular checkups or it’s been a while, we at Prosthodontics & Implant Therapy are happy to see you and committed to helping you be your healthiest. That’s sure to make you flash that dazzling smile more often!

Let this dental checklist help you get the most out of your next appointment.

1. Current Insurance Card:

Dental plans can change. Having the most recent information is important to facilitate ease of communication between our office and your insurance. Our office will handle all of your insurance needs, including sending itemized receipts from your visit to your insurance.

2) For new patients, Dental records:

It can be difficult to remember just when you had that last procedure done. Having access to your dental history will aid in forming your dental best treatment plan. Most dental offices will email your dental records directly to our office at your request. Simply call your prior dentist, and provide our office contact information. If you have any questions, reach out to our front office staff, we are always available to answer your questions.

3. List of health changes, current medications, over-the-counter, and prescription.

Remember to include supplements!

4) List of questions and concerns.

It’s frustrating to remember your question after the appointment, don’t let that happen to You! Some of the common issues we see include;

  • Tooth pain
  • Bleeding gums
  • Problems with flossing or brushing
  • Dry mouth
  • Sores that won’t heal
  • Clenching jaws
  • Grinding your teeth

Don't be shy; our dentists are here to address all your dental concerns. We welcome your questions! Call our office at Prosthodontics & Implant Therapy today, and let’s give you something to smile about!



We use cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with safe and effective results!

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“Dr. Iranmanesh is absolutely awesome! I’ve been with him for 25+ years, and he has never failed to make me smile and understands everything that’s going on.“

Jacqueline N.

5 stars | JULY 14, 2021

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